Take Back Your Health: EAT-IN

Thank you for participating in The Eat-In

We had 1000's of people joining in the revolutionary act! Watch the video below of my own Eat-In.

In the 1960s, Americans embraced the “sit-in” as a tactic of civil disobedience to empower the disempowered, to create needed change in civil rights and women’s rights and to end unnecessary wars. Today, I ask you to join me in an “Eat-In” to transform the food industry and challenge our policy makers to create a healthy world. Join us as we take back our health by avoiding restaurants and packaged foods for this day and by making real, whole, fresh, sustainably raised or grown food into delicious meals from scratch. Invite a few friends and family members to share in a home cooked meal! Take the pledge today!

Although the Eat-In is over - you can still gain access to this valuable toolkit:

  • Meal plan and shopping guide - Your complete meal plan for the day, including two options each, whether you are on The Blood Sugar Solution basic or advanced plans
  • A Guide to Mindful Eating

Will you join me? Tell me about your plans for your own Eat-In?